Mile uv coating main product
Spc floor uv coating

Mile UV Coating Main product

SPC Flooring Tile UV Coating
Mile PVC Wall panel uv coating - High gloss PVC Marble Coating
PVC Marble Wall Panel UV Coating
SPC Flooring Click - lock Joint Edge Color Painting
SPC Floor Edge Painting
Mile UV curing resin for stone plastic composite floor
Stone Plastic Composite Floor UV coating

Mile UV Coating Resin Company Information

       Mile UV Curable Coating Resin is a supplier mainly on construction industrial, we provider SPC Flooring UV Coating, PVC floor uv coating for plastic Tile with light sensitive Curing UV Resin, it is a susbstant made from Acrylic Resin, suitable for Stone Plastic Composite Tile, Vinyl plank, PVC Tile, LVT Tile, WPC Wood-plastic-Tile.
      Our coating varnish products have good quality, come with multi-function such as : Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Virus, Good Scratch Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Transparent ability, Adhesive ability, anti-slip, waterproof, fireproof, stain-resistant. All of our pvc floor uv coating are made from Natural oil base Acrylic Resin. Mile uv coating is non toxic, No odor, solvent free, Voc Free, formaldehyde free, Rohs Free. These curable uv coatings widely used on indoor and outdoor decoration products. 
      Mile UV Coating is set up in 2002, we focus on develop and produce High-end Vinyl Plank Flooring Curable UV coating  Resin, Ultraviolet Curing Resin, Colorful painting, Anti-yellow Varnish, UV light resistant lacquer. All our products are safe without any harm to neither workers operate on the uv coating machine, either to Stone plastic composite floor end user.           
      Our curable uv coating product have a lot of feature with excellent performance, suitable for variety industrial, easy to use. With these impressive performances, we acquire good ranking from customer, and quickly become the most reliable UV coating suppliers on the market.

Ultraviolet Curing Varnish Manufacturing Technolgy & Mile UV Coating Quality

       Mile UV Coating Company with high technology Machine and Equipment, imported from Europe, all our products are manufactured in modern production lines, we also equip with high-precision quality testing machines. Our semi-products and finish products are strictly checked between each stage of production, ensuring that all products are produced in right process, ingredient is mix in right composition ratio, in good quality.

      Thanks to that, our products always have perfect performance, stable quality, meet international standard. Customer can use it with peace of mind.

Mile UV coating Curable Acrylic Resin Core Value

       The Core value of Mile UV Curable coating Resin Supplier : “Respect science, focus on people”, with the point of view “Always strive to be ahead of the times”. Our goal is “Sign an order, create a trust, make a friend, give sincerity”.
       If you want to use uv painting, or need technical support on Vinyl Tiles Floor / Vinyl Plank Flooring UV coating, Please contact (0084)933329168 for more details and get our best quotation.