Granite Like PVC Wall Panel UV Coating Varnish

Mile PVC Wall panel uv coating - High gloss PVC Marble Coating

        Mile UV Curable Resin Company specializes in providing various types of uv paints and uv coat, the substance that are coated to rigid stone plastic pvc wall panels, the plastic wall panel has a marble grain texture. Our UV Paint can coat on the rigid core plastic panel, also coat on the rigid plastic wall panel ‘s decorating film.

What is the material of granite plastic wall panel UV Varnish, what is the benefit of pvc plastic uv coating.

        Curable UV Coating Resin also call UV Painting, or ultraviolet radiation UV coating, or photo sensitive uv coating, light sensittive UV Varnish, UV Flame-Retared Resin. This is a liquid chemical have a component base on Acrylic Resin. The primary surface treatment material used on coating pvc plastic panel and plastic tile.

       Mile UV Coating Resin for ceramic-like plastic panel can enhance the plastic sheet surface ‘s hardness, protecting plastic panel and the thermal transfer printed pattern film place on it, creating a high gloss and smooth layer on top of the painted product. The high brightness effect can simulate to ceramic tile, granite, marble.

        Our Mile UV varnish is no odor, non-toxic, durable, UV coating is a main ingredient used for the production of imitation marble plastic panels.

How to processing uv curable coating on imitation marble plastic sheet ?

        The uv coating of imitation marble wall panel is a kind of non-toxic liquid chemical, compare to traditional coating methods, uv coating process for imitation marble is very simple, and easy to process, When using uv coating machine to coat on imitation marble, the thing you just needs to do is apply uv coat on the surface, and then let it drying by ultraviolet UV lamp to complete the uv coating process.

        UV curable rely on it’s rapid self-curing ability to create a super-hard, super-durable surface layer when exposed to uv sunlight. At factories producing imitation marble plastic sheets, the factory will be equipped with a uv coating machine including the following basic parts: Conveyor belt type table for moving imitation marble plastic sheet, automatic uv coating machine made with rubber roll and steel roll, uv drying lamps machine simulating ultraviolet rays of the sun, high-end uv coating machines will be equipped with an infrared drying unit, a cleaning unit to preheat and cleaning income plastic sheet before coating.

        After being coated with uv coat varnish, the Granite-Like pvc stone plastic wall panel will be sent directly to the uv lamp drying unit to quickly dry the uv paint, creating the same effect as being exposed to the sun. The biggest feature of uv paint is that it can process quickly, dried in a moment. You just need to coat the paint and shine the UV light for about 3-10 seconds to be completely dried.

        Therefore, UV Coating is very convenient for processing coating treatment, especially when compared with other surface treatment technologies such as coating with traditional water-based glues, these glues usually take a long time to dry, take more working space, use large volume of glue, high loss rate, leaving toxic smelling, these treatment is not suitable for processing plastic, and plastic film products. In the other hand, UV coating is Non toxic, Formaldehyde free, Voc free, toughness, beautiful looking, durable, easy to access, it is the perfect material for surface treatment.

What are the advantages of Mile UV rigid granite-like pvc wall panel?

        Formaldehyde orders. Our marble wall panels uv paint have a gloss from 90-100 degrees, high adhesive ability reach level 0 when tested by cross cut method, super good hardness reaching above 2H level, uv paint After curing forming a smooth layer on the plastic surface with no unpleasant odors left, our uv coating solid content reaches over 95%, Having fast drying speed.

        We are a company specializing in providing high quality uv coating for imitation stone wall panels, if you have a need to buy uv coating & painting in Vietnam, please contact me for more advice and receive our best price.