SPC Floor Click Lock Plank UV Coating Resin

Mile UV curing resin for stone plastic composite floor
Mile UV Coating

       Tangshan Fengrun Mile UV Company specializes in providing high quality Curable uv coating Resin for SPC vinyl plank flooring, the coating is process by uv coating machine.

       After coating uv layer made of Acrylic Curing Resin, the plastic floor has outstanding features, when this liquid uv coating varnish is dried through a uv LED radiation lamp, it will self-link into a strong, transparent, protective thin layer on PVC plastic floor plate surface. 

       Vinyl Tile Floor UV coating with 2 main layer : Primer layer and Finish Layer, it also call base layer and top layer.

PVC Flooring UV Resin Feature and Performance. Why we need to coating uv on SPC Flooring surface.

       SPC flooring uv coating layer can enhance the overall features of PVC vinyl plank sheet, the features that most of the  end-user in the market interested to, such as : Smoothy, orderness, Hardness, elasticity, rigidity, durability, waterproof ability, Fire retardant, anti-termite, anti-virus, slip resistant, anti-scratch, anti-sanding, anti-abrasion, antibacterial, anti-corossion, resistant to cigarette burnt.

Application of uv painting Resin for PVC Stone Plastic Composite Floor

       The above characteristics make vinyl tiles more durable and resistant to many impacts from the environment and daily-life event. So it is widely used in many different environments from warm summer to freezing cold, Shiny season to rainy wet season. It is the preferred material for construction contractors such as : schools, offices, hospitals, commercial centers, restaurants, exhibition stalls, apartment buildings, hotels, villas, transaction counters, reception room, bedroom, restaurant, dinning room, meeting room, coffee shop.

What is PVC Vinyl Tiles floor UV Coating Resin ?

       UV Coating is also known as uv coating or uv natural oil coating, it is a chemical material in the liquid state whose base is acylate Resin, The substance is dried when exposed to UV light. It is the most common material used for surface treatment of wood grain spc plastic flooring. Compared with other conventional PU WAX or glue coating technology, which takes many hours to dry the coating surface, uv curable coating Resin can dry very quickly within only a few seconds, so it is very convenient for coating on mass production, reduce labor work, saving time.

How to coating on Click Lock SPC flooring?

       Coating UV on Vinyl Tile or Laminate floors has 8 main steps:
1. Place the plastic sheet on the feeding and cleaning table.
2. Move the plastic sheet to the No. 1 infrared drying unit for preheating treatment of the plastic sheet.
3. Coat the primer uv on the PVC plastic sheet with the coating machine’s rubber roller.
4. Put it through the uv lamp to dry the primer coating layer.
5. Pass through infrared drying unit No. 2 to preheat the plastic sheet again.
6. Coat the finish UV on the surface of SPC Click-lock vinyl plank floor.
7. Pass through the UV drying unit to dry the finish coating layer.
8. Move the vinyl plastic floor sheet to the output table and quality inspection Table.

       Do you need to buy good quality SPC  floor uv coating suitable to coat on pvc plastic floor from reliable supplier, brand-known uv coating company can provide on site technical support in Vietnam. Please feel free to contact our hotline 096 888 3218 to receive our best quotation, consulation, uv coating sample and more detail information and support.