PVC Rigid Core Floor SPC Click Lock Edge UV Painting


        Specializing in providing water-based uv paint coating on high quality SPC and pvc Laminate vinyl flooring, uv water based paint is used to process in cover edges, hidden corners, and locks on SPC wood grain vinyl tile.

        As a non-toxic, safe, good color fastness material, widely used in the field of laminate flooring, pvc flooring, spc flooring, lvt flooring, vinyl tile, wall panels, plastic cabinet panels, panels interior decoration materials, tables and chairs, sofa.

        Depending on customer needs, it is possible to order necessary colors to be prepared at the manufacture company, customers can also order available basic colors for self-mixing.

Specifications of UV coating for PVC laminate flooring and SPC stone plastic flooring.

  • Liquid : Available in different colors (Depending on the color ordered by the customer)
  • Color coating characteristics: Flat, smooth, Beautiful coloring
  • UV coating hardness: Reach HB hardness as measured by
    Hardness Meter
  • Fluidity : Good, after 4 hours does not stick back
  • Scent: Has a pleasant light scent
    Skin-contact feeling: Good, Glossy, Test by Hand-Touching
  • Color differenciate : +-1, use 3M colorimeter to check color quality
    Viscosity : 120s ±5s, test method, by 4# cup at 25°C
  • Adhesive : Reached level 1 according to the international cross cut method.

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