Dầu phủ bóng uv sàn gỗ nhựa SPC hèm khóa

        Mile UV Major in providing UV Coating Resin for SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring, our UV Curing Coating main product include : PVC Stone Plastic Floor uv coating, Click Lock Plastic Plank uv coating, LVT UV curable resin, Calcium carbonate mix with virgin PVC Floor, WPC wood plastic tile UV coating, wall panel coating, interior furniture, table, chair, cabinet, soft PVC Floor uv coating.
        After coating UV curing coating on the surface of SPC plastic flooring products (the floor has a wood grain texture, come with Unilin click lock system call Vinyl Tiles Floor or Vinyl Plank Floor made from calcium carbonate powder and pvc resin) can create a depth and glossy effect make it look more likely to true wood, SPC Floor curing uv coating with super high hardness feature to help protect SPC floor better, extend it’s application site, suitable for many different climates, weather, working circumstance. So now it becomes common material used in schools, houses, offices, shopping mall, hospitals, commercial centers, entertainment areas.

What are the advantages of Mile UV Coating used for spc flooring?
         Our Wooden Texture Stone Plastic Composite PVC floor UV Curable Varnish Resin has the following advantages :

  • Good fluidity : Coating easily and more even.
  • Stable gloss : Easy to control Gloss on the floor surface.
  • Good scratch resistance : Prevent damage cause from moving, transportation.
  • Good stain resistance : Easy for cleaning sauce, dirt, ink, mud, color painting.
  • Good adhesion : Tighten to the floor, won’t tear off easily.
  • Good anti-bacterial : Healthier, safer.
  • Quickly dry : Saving time, more productivity, suitable for mass production.
  • Good abrasion resistance : Not easy to wear off.
  • Good sanding Resistance : Durable to frictrion.
  • Good color fastness : Not easy to fade off color or yellowing by UV light.
  • Good toughness : Can bear against impact from strike and hit.
  • Suitable for varierty materials : From SPC Rigid Floor, to soft PVC matt Floor, to LVT Floor.
  • Good anti-slip properties : Prevent slip and fall.

        We are professional uv coating supplier for spc floors, we have a team of technican and staffs stay permanent in Vietnam, Providing full-package survice to customer, from techinical support, giving uv coating option and advise, training onsite customer how to use uv coating correctly in a efficient way, how to fix common problem errors in the spc coating process, how to inspect and identify defect products, how to lower uv coating running cost, which uv coating function is the customer care about in current.

         If you looking to buy high quality uv curable acrylic resin from reliable manufacture, wondering where and how to get it immediately in Vietnam, if you having difficulty in the uv coating process on spc vinyl flooring and looking for solution, do you want to improve your current product quality problem, do you want to work with us to develop a new kind of products, please call 0968883218 to receive our best support. Our research and development team is always by your side, listen to your needs, providng solution.

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